Doing The Right Thing

Too often when I work with various companies to resolve problems, I encounter finger pointing, hiding the truth or outright deception. So I’m always impressed when I see a company doing the right thing and taking care of their customers instead of placing the blame elsewhere.

This weekend I had two positive experiences with companies that did the right thing.

My first positive experience was with DreamHost, the company that hosts this website. Saturday morning I was greeted with an email from DreamHost saying that “there may have been illegal and unauthorized access to some of your passwords at DreamHost today.”  They went on to explain the events and stated that they had proactively reset all FTP passwords (since those passwords may have been compromised).

Instead of dodging the incident or waiting for a customer to complain about their site being hacked, DreamHost notified their customers immediately and took action to address the situation. Now,  I do have questions about their security, but the fact that they reacted quickly, notified customers without delay and worked to minimize the effects of the security breach tells me that DreamHost has the correct mindset and attitude…customers are important.  Thank you DreamHost for doing the right thing and telling us right away!

My second positive experience this weekend was with Apple.  This weekend, the button on my iPad stopped working (possibly due to slight fall from my nightstand).  I’m not a huge Apple fanatic…to date I’ve owned two Apple products (iPhones and an iPad), but I’ve always liked they way Apple treats their customers.  Even so, I dreaded going to the Apple store….would they take away my iPad for a week to be repaired… would they fix it at all unless I paid for the repairs….would they replace it with a brand new iPad that would required me to set it up all over again?

I waited in line for about 25 minutes….but after that, they had a brand new iPad in my hands in less than 20 minutes…and that included backing up my old iPad and loading the new one.  No fuss at all….it was under warranty and they took care of it.  All I had to do was sync my applications once I arrived at my home (and enter all the user name s and passwords again) and the iPad was good to go.  Apple’s customer service is awesome and they know how to make their consumers happy.  Thanks Apple for making the process painless!

I love it when companies strive to make customer satisfaction the top priority.  I’ll stick with DreamHost and Apple for a while…they know how to treat their customers.  Why don’t more companies understand that customers are priority number one?